Health & Safety

The regulations of Health & Safety in the workplace has undergone a revolution since the Health & Safety at Work etc Act came into being in 1974. New regulations arrive with ever increasing frequency, making it very difficult for employers to keep up to date and comply with the law and the recent imprisonment of a company director for safety failures has made everybody sit up and take notice. Society at large now expects to be protected from risk in every situation, and this is reflected in the growth in what has become commonly known as “ambulance chasers” i.e. companies advertising no win no fee arrangements for compensation claims.

Everyone wants to protect their staff from injury and ill health and want to protect themselves from prosecution – but how can you do that when it takes you all your time to run the business.

Health & Safety Policy

  • Should contain a statement of intent
  • Must specify organisation - who does what
  • Must describe the arrangements - how will it be done

If you have 5 or more employees you must have a written health & Safety policy.
We can do this for you.

Workplace Risk Assessments

  • Identify hazards - what could go wrong
  • Evaluate controls  - what is in place to prevent it happening
  • Evaluate residual risk - what are the chances it will still happen
                                          - how many people would be hurt and how seriously
  • What else needs to be done to reduce the risk to an acceptable level

If you have 5 or more employees you must have a written workplace risk assessment.
We can do this for you.

Risk Registers

  • We can evaluate your risks to help you plan any changes required and prioritise financial and resource implications.
  • Review the risk assessments to take account the improvements you have made.

You must take steps to implement and reduce the findings of your risk assessments
We can advise and assist you to achieve this.

Safety Inspections

  • We can put systems into place to enable you to do this for yourself.
  • You must monitor the effective implementation of your Health & Safety policy.
  • You must monitor the effectiveness of your Health & Safety policy.
  • We can advise and assist you to achieve this.


  • We can provide a range of Health & Safety training for all your staff.

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