Fire safety is critical because a mistake costs lives. The law sets out mandatory requirements for the safety and protection of staff and visitors to any premises. You may also wish to protect the building and its contents in order to safeguard the continuing viability of the business – insurance will be of little help when your customers have found other suppliers and your staff have left to join your competitors, and of course if you have not complied with the legislation your insurance company may deem your policy void.

Ask yourself – if you had a major fire, would everyone get out safely and would the business recover and survive.

Fire Risk Inspections
The fire regulations require that you carry out a fire risk assessment. We are skilled fire risk assessors with a wide experience of fire risks and an in-depth knowledge of fire safety systems. Allow us to provide you with a professional risk assessment that will not only comply with fire regulations, but also deal with the protection of your business from fire loss.

If you have 5 or more employees you must have a written fire risk assessment.
We can do this for you.

Fire Safety Management
Successful fire safety management requires a fire safety strategy. We can assist you to develop systems and procedures that will deliver total fire safety for your business.
This will include:

  • Fire safety audits.

  • Fire safety strategy.

  • Fire procedures.

  • Emergency Plans

  • Negotiations with your Fire Authority / Building Control and all audit bodies.

Fire Safety Training
There is a statutory requirement that all staff are trained in what to do in the event of fire. We will work with you to develop effective evacuation procedures and provide certificated cost effective fire training for your staff to comply with the legal requirements and ensure safety and continuation of your business.
This will include:

  • Staff fire awareness training

  • Fire Marshall training

  • First aid practical fire extinguisher training.

First Aid Fire Equipment
There is a statutory requirement to provide first aid fire–fighting equipment. We can supply and maintain your entire requirement to enable you to comply with legislation.

Safety Signage
There is a statutory requirement to provide signage under the Health & Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996. We can carry out a full survey and supply and fix all signage required for you to comply with legislation.

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