There are 4 main types of fire extinguisher in general use, plus dedicated extinguishers for specialist applications such as cooking fats & oils and metal fires.

Confined spaces such as boat engine rooms and computer rooms which were protected by Halon systems, can now be provided with Halon replacement extinguishants such as FM200, Novec 1230 & FE36 etc.

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The OLD British Standard 5423 (prior to 1997) recommended that the colour coding of fire extinguishers be as follows:

('Old' fire extinguishers conforming to BS 5423 can still be used until they are no longer serviceable)

 *E.C. Regulation 2037/2000 bans the use of Halon due to its ozone depletion properties except for a few special cases such as aircraft and military uses. For more information, see

Old Halon extinguishers, such as BCF should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, some local authority waste disposal sites will accept them without charge.

HALON replacement extinguishers can be obtained from Gemini Fire Extinguishers

The NEW standard BS EN 3 requires that all fire extinguishers be coloured RED, although BS 7863 allows the UK to have 3 to 5% (usually the label) of the extinguisher body to be colour coded in accordance with the 'old' system. 

Fire extinguishers should be serviced by a competent person at least annually, the date address and name of the person carrying out the test should be recorded on the extinguisher itself.

We can provide fire extinguisher servicing at reasonable prices in London & the Home Counties, Midlands, West County and Southeast England. Email us for a quote on we need to know where you are and how many extinguishers you have.

BEWARE! Some companies charge ridiculously high prices for their fire extinguishers (such as £200 - £300). The 'going rate' for fire extinguishers is about £80 - £100, Gemini Fire Extinguishers have a range of quality extinguishers for under £50.00.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires that 'measures should be taken for firefighting in the workplace', and that employees should be 'nominated to implement those measures'. It is important that anyone expected to tackle a fire should be trained, the implications if anyone is injured. and has not been trained are obvious. Gemini Fire & Safety Solutions can provide such training.

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